Camping Las Dunas


Opening in 2020 with the coronavirus

The summer 2020 will no doubt be one to remember and there are good reasons to decide for Camping Las Dunas as your holiday destination for this summer.   In the first place, Las Dunas is located in the heart of nature. The refreshing sea breeze and the Mediterranean sun have a positive influence. And since camping life is in the open air, risks are limited. On the other hand we have implemented a series of special measures to make […]

The opening is in sight…

We have some good news! Spain is slowly lifting lock down restrictions which means we can start to look forward to opening the campsite. We prefer to remain cautious, but we understand that you want to prepare your summer and need to know whether or not your planned holiday can take place. We still do not have an official opening date, since it highly depends on pending decisions by the (European) authorities, like the lifting of travel restrictions and border […]

Postponement opening date 2020

We are very sorry that due to the current situation we are forced to postpone the opening date of the campsite. No definite date has been set. We hope you understand that we have had no choice but to take this drastic measure and apologise for any inconvenience. We hope to be able to open as soon as possible, when we can offer all the necessary safety guarantees and the authorities permit it. Until then we wish you all the […]

Coronavirus – update 16/04/2020

Following the latest modifications in the directives from the Spanish government, after two weeks of teleworking, we will resume essential activities in our offices. Since it is still impossible to make any reliable prediction about the evolution of the pandemic and there is no official calendar regarding mobility restrictions, in Las Dunas we abide by the dates initially programmed for the season. At the same time we will keep close track of how things evolve, which government directives may affect […]

Consequences Covid-19

Update 30/03/2020 The Spanish government has announced that all “non essential” businesses will be shut on Monday 30/03, at least until Tuesday 14/4 to help stop the spreading of the Covid-19 virus.  During this period, we will not be able to process payments or refunds. However, we remain online, working from home, and will do our best to solve your doubts and answer your questions per e-mail. We apologise for any inconvenience or delays. We will keep informing about any […]