Camping Las Dunas

Las Dunas in times of coronavirus

This summer is different and there are good reasons to choose Camping Las Dunas as your holiday destination.

Las Dunas is located in the heart of nature. The refreshing sea breeze and the Mediterranean sun have a positive influence. And since camping life is in the open air, risks are limited. We have also implemented a series of special measures to make the campsite as safe as possible for everyone.

Our employees have had a course to learn to execute their work the best way possible under the current circumstance. Staff is also equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment. We want to appeal to all everybody's sense of responsibility, since only if we all work together, can we make this summer as memorable as all others.
We have implemented government protocols, recommendations by the Spanish Institute for Quality in Tourism and the Spanish and Catalan Camping Associations. We have installed signs with the specific measures for all different facilities like the supermarket, the restaurant etc. Update 10/07: You do not have to wear a facemask by the pool, on the beach, in the bars and restaurants, nor do you have to use one on your own pitch or in your own bungalow. We do recommend you wear one when you walk around the campsite. The facemask has to be used when you leave the campsite.


The las Dunas Beach is very large. Even maintaining a safety distance of 1,5 metres, the capacity of the beach is double that of the campsite. The town council has informed us that because of the extension of the beach, there will be no capacity limitations, nor any special measures to mark distances. This year everybody can enjoy the beach the same as always, maintaining distance.

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  • Personal objects like towels have to be placed so they leave a distance of minimum 1,5 meters between families
  • The distance between deckchairs of diferent families will be at least 1,5 meters
  • There will be one way traffic in and out of the pool area
  • The area around the pool will be enlarged, using spaces that are normally used for other purosaes like Fata’s parking
  • All comon areas and deckchairs will be disinfected with virucide
  • The water slides are open
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shops and supermarket

  • We have installed dispensers with hand sanitizer at the entrances.
  • In the boutique all clothes that are tried will be desinfected and isolated afterwards
  • The facemask must be used
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  • We will open the miniclub, which on Las Dunas is not a closed space but an open area with a roof.
  • The entertainment programmes will be adapted to hygiene and distance measures.
  • We will prioritise the use of individual material for each participant.
  • We will limit the shared use of objects and they will be disinfected before and after very use.


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sanitary facilities

  • We have installed dispensers with hand sanitizer at the entrances.
  • There will be one way traffic in and out of the toilet blocks, separating entrance and exit
  • We will carry out the regular continuous cleaning and periodical desinfections
  •  We recommend using a face mask when the safety distance of 1,5m cannot be maintained
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laundry service

  • All guets will be served by our staff and have to wait their turn outside
  • Only single use capsules will be allowed. Guests cannot bring their own bottles or boxes of detergent and conditioner to avoid contamination.
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bars and restaurants

  • We have installed dispensers with hand sanitizer at the entrances.
  • Menus will be presented through QR codes
  • There will only be table service to control the safety distance


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  • We have installed dispensers with hand sanitizer at the entrance.
  • We have installed transparent barriers to separate the staff from the guests without losing eye to eye contact.
  • We have introduced an auto check in per internet to avoid crowds forming at the entrance and the reception.


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  • The bungalows will be cleaned and desinfected with virucides.
  • Filters will be disinfected after very visit.
  • Payment and return of the deposit will be done per bank.
  • Keys, wrist bands and documentation will be handed in closed envelopes.
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