Camping Las Dunas

Newsletter march 2021


It’s march and the winter with its long and cold nights, is slowly giving way to spring. Springtime means flowering orchards, the return of migrating birds and pruning on Camping Las Dunas. Springtime also invites us to get out of the house, enjoy nature and start thinking about summer. And this year more than ever, we can do with some positive thinking.

Fruit trees

The fruit trees are the first to announce the end of winter. When they bloom they fill the Alt Empordà region with vivid colours. The almond trees already bloom in february, followed by peach trees, cherry trees and apple trees. In Sant Pere Pescador has around 1000 acres of orchards, mainly apple yards. Since 2003, the apples from Sant Pere Pescador have the quality logo “IGP Manzanas de Girona”. Did you know some 21000 tons of apples are produced in Sant Pere Pescador annually? Camping Las Dunas is located amidst orchards, in M-block they touch the campsite.

The storks of Aiguamolls de l’Empordà

With the arrival of spring, comes the start of the breeding season of the white stork. Every year they return to the same nest to meet their partner and make a new family. The white stork is one of the most representative animals of the Aiguamolls de l’Empordà nature reserve, where they can’t just be seen, but also heard . The white stork likes wet and open spaces with high places to build their enormous nests. The wetlands (aiguamoll in catalan) are a perfect area for them. Nowadays, there are around 40 breeding pairs in the nature reserve. We highly recommend you go and enjoy the bird spectacle in the Aiguamolls during your next holiday on Camping las Dunas, it’s only 5 km from the campsite.

Can you feel the summer in the air?

With the arrival of springtime, the gardeners start their important job to prepare another memorable season on Camping Las Dunas. In march they start to mow the lawn, prune the hedges, the trees and the palmtrees. The flowers start to blossom among the grass and chase away the winter. The gardeners transform the camping into a true paradise for your summer holidays on the beach. And you? Can you already feel the summer in the air?

The Roman god Mars

The month of March gets its name from the Roman god Mars who was one of the most important gods of the Roman Empire. When the Romans reached the Iberian Peninsula, they initially settled in the Alt Empordà region. To be more precise, next to an already existing Greek settlement called Emporion. This is where they founded what would be one of the main Roman cities in Hispania for two centuries. Do you know this settlement? Well, it’s Empúries, whose ruins are located only 3 km from Camping Las Dunas, between the towns of Sant Martí d’Empúries and l’Escala. A visit to these ruins during your next holiday is highly recommendable.