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A young and enthusiastic team is in charge of our guest’s entertainment and offers a large variety of activities, both on and off site.
But before we start talking about entertainment we have to present our mascot Laladu. Born in 2006, its name Laladu was picked by our guests through a prize questionaire. Laladu is a turtle, an endemic species that lives in the nature park that surrounds Camping Las Dunas.

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Laladu Club

Little children play, dance, sing and do handicrafts in the Laladu Club. Several times a week we organize a mini disco and photo sessions with Laladu. So, little children are entertained and parents can enjoy a well deserved rest.

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For the whole family

In the evening we organise performances on the large stage by the pool bar. The whole family can enjoy our entertainment team’s own productions as well as cover bands playing songs of your favourite artists like The Beatles, Michael Jackson and many more.

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XD Club

For the older children their interests change and they want to spend time with other children of their age. With that in mind, in 2015 we inaugurated our XD Club for teenagers between 12 and 17 years of age. They have their own home base in the discotheque’s former VIP room with a table football, WIFI and much more. They can also join organized activities off site such as mountain bike rides or paintball.

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For our most active guests our profesional entertainers offer a fitness programme in high season. We have installed an open air fitness area an also offer zumba sessions.

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Entertainment for all ages


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