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Las Dunas Aquapark

There are many beautiful beaches on the Costa Brava, but you will only find one swimming pool like Camping Las Dunas’ Aquapark!

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We are proud to say that currently we are the campsite with the best pool on the Costa Brava. Our Aquapark, inaugurated in 2015, extends over 5000m2 and has two pools, a sun terrace and various water slides.  In the pool you can enjoy a rapid, a Jacuzzi and some wellness waterfalls. But the most outstanding feature is the five great water slides, two long ones, two medium ones and an extra wide one for the whole family.

Salt is added to clean the water, hence the slightly salty flavour of the pool water. Through a process of electrolysis the salt is converted to hypochlorite which in turn keeps the water clean. The salt concentration in the pool water is about ten times lower than in sea water. So say goodbye to skin irritations, sore eyes or damaged hair and clothes. And since no chemicals are added the cycle is 100% environmentally friendly.

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Children’s pool

Of the two pools, one is especially suitable for little children. It doesn’t cover more than 40 cm at its deepest point. Children can play on the water castle with two little waterslides and a giant bucket that drops water at regular intervals.

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Aquapark security

You can enjoy our fantastic Aquapark in a carefree manner thanks to our lifeguards who work hard to maintain the security and hygiene. Please help them do a good job by cooperating, stick to the rules and make everybody’s visit to the Aquapark enjoyable.

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5000 m2 Aquapark


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