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Camping Las Dunas for dogs

Camping las Dunas is a great destination for pet owners. Dogs are allowed in the areas E, F, G and J and in designated parts of the areas K and O. Dogs are not allowed in the bungalows. There are dog toilets and a dog shower on the campsite. The track around the sports area is good for short walks, Las Dunas provides bags here. For longer walks the nature park just off the campsite is great. Dogs have to be on the lead at all time on the campsite and cannot be left unattended at the pitch, not even for a short while. All dog owners who want to access the camping need to have their dog’s documentation up to date and present it if the camping staff asks for it. The Spanish law on dangerous dog breeds applies on Las Dunas, the campsite does not apply additional rules and regulations. No breeds are prohibited, but owners of dogs that are considered dangerous have to meet certain conditions and their dogs have to wear a muzzle. Breeds considered dangerous by Spanish law are: Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Rottweiler, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro, Tosa Inu en Akita Inu. The regulations considering access to the beach with dogs is not Las Dunas’ competence, nor can it be. All beaches in Spain are public domain and therefore only municipal laws apply. In the case of the beach of Las Dunas, the municipality prohibits dogs the access to the beach. Since 2017 there is a small dog beach in l’Escala.

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Camping Las Dunas is located at the beach of the Bay of Rosas in the Alt Empordà region in the north of Spain. The climate is Mediterranean i.e. determined by the tempering influence of the Mediterranean Sea. The landscape of the region is mountainous in the north and northwest and flat in the south where the Empordà-plain lies. This particular geomorphology and the rain shade created by the tramuntana have a strong influence on the local weather.


An important characteristic of the local weather is the tramuntana (derived from the Latin transmontanus which means “from behind the mountains”). The tramuntana is a strong and fresh wind from the north or northwest that mainly blows from November to March. Through the influence of the Pyrenees and the French central massif the wind increases its power and also affects the Balearic Islands (mainly Menorca and Mallorca). In summer the wind on the campsite tends to blow from the southeast (Garbí).


The average annual temperature is approximately 15oC. Winters are relatively fresh, but without much frost. The summers are dry and warm, but tempered by a gentle sea breeze. The hottest month is July and the coldest is January

Table with the average temperature per month:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Minimum 2o 3o 5o 7o 11o 15o 17o 17o 15o 11o 6o 3o
Maximum 13o 13o 15o 17o 21o 25o 29o 28o 25o 21o 16o 13o

The highest and lowest temperatures ever measured are 38oC and -16oC


Spring and autumn are the periods with most precipitation, with a significant difference between the 500 litres a year on the Empordà plain and the 1200 litres a year in the mountains. During the summer often thunderstorms form over the mountains, but they rarely reach the cost. In some rare occasions the Empordà has suffered snowfall on sea level. The last time was in 2010 and caused significant problems in the electricity supply.

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Rules and Regulations

To asure a pleasant end memorable stay for all our guests we have had to define a set of rules and regulations. We kindly request all our guests to comply with these rules so everybody can enjoy their time on las Dunas.


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Reduced mobility

On Camping Las Dunas we want to make everybody’s stay unforgettable, also for those with reduced mobility. Therefore all sanitary facilities are equipped with special cabins for wheelchair access. All these cabins have a toilet and a shower. The key can be collected at the campsite’s reception. In the swimming pool we also have two “amphibious” wheelchairs at our guest’s disposition. These have extra large air tyres to facilitate movement on the beach and an aluminium frame for low weight. The use of these wheelchairs is free and they can be “booked” with the swimming pool staff. With these wheelchairs a companion can pull the handicapped person to the beach and even enter the water. You can also enter the pool using the ramp. Beware these wheelchairs can only be operated by a companion.

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