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2023 bookings

Bookings 2023

November 25: official booking start for 2023

On November 25, 26 and 27 booking requests for 2023 can be sent through our website. After those three days, requests can be submitted again from December 6 on a daily basis.


Returning guests, who have visited us at least 3 out of the last 5 seasons can book before the official booking start. They will received a personal and non-transferable invitation per email before October 28 to send their request between

The 3rd and 6th of November

If you belong to this group but have not received your invitation before October 28, please contact us immediately, since otherwise the risk exists that your request cannot be processed with the due priority.

Booking form:

Returning guests, who have handed in their booking form for 2023 during the summer, will automatically receive the pre-reservation from November 22. Please contact us immediately, if you have not received your pre-reservation before the 2nd of December

Please take into account that before the relative deadlines have finished, we cannot provide any information about the status of your request.

However, do contact us as soon as possible, if after finishing the deadline you have not received your invitation or pre-reservation. To do so, please keep your client number at hand.

  • On Camping Las Dunas each family books a specific pitch number. To allocate the desired pitch (or the one that best meets the criteria) to as many families as possible, each request is processed manually applying strict criteria of customer fidelity that an automated system cannot take into consideration.

  • At the start of the reservation period we receive a very large amount of booking request, for some areas many more than we have pitches available. When allocating the available pitches preference is given to guests who have visited us the most seasons. Also the amount of seasons spent on a specific pitch is taken into account. To be able to honour the maximum number of requests and optimize the occupation on each pitch, in high season, no more than one day between occupations is allowed.

  • We consider every previous stay registered in the client’s file, identified by a unique client number and counting exclusively the years that each client has visited us. Various holidays during the same year count as one. Only the visits of the booking holder, identified by his or her unique client number, are counted. Therefore, visits registered as someone else’s companion (e.g. with parents) are not counted. The amount of previous visits might be reduced if a previous booking was made under a different name (even if it concerns the same family). We therefore recommend to always book under the same name and to use your client number to avoid the generation of a new client file.

  • Each family has to make their own separate booking request in which they can indicate their wish to stay next to the other family. The more areas we may take into consideration, the easier it is to find two joining pitches. Therefore, each family must decide whether the requested area or the joining pitches prevail. This is of particular importance when both families have different histories on Las Dunas. If a family with a long history wants a joining pitch with another family with less history in a very busy area, possibly the first family will get a pitch in that area, whereas the second family will get one in a different area.

  • Request your booking at the start of the booking period. We recommend indicating the maximum flexibility in your travel dates. Often, just by arriving or departing a few days earlier or later, there are many more options available. Nevertheless, because of the high demand we often still have to find alternatives and we recommend to request, in order of preference, different pitches or, better even, areas to consider when looking for alternatives. In “observations” you can indicate specific preferences like “corner pitch”, “close to the toilet”, “facing the sea” etc…

  • This might happen at the start of the booking period as a result of the way we allocate pitches. We do not limit the amount of available pitches to offer everyone the possibility to send a request for the desired area before the established deadline. For the most popular areas, inevitably, more requests are sent than we have pitches available. These are allocated according to clients’ history (loyalty). For those who we cannot allocate a pitch in the desired area, we search the closest alternative. Our proposal can always be declined since the booking request is non-binding.

  • The minimum bookable period is 7 nights. From spring shorter stays can also be booked again.