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Prenotazione clienti VIP 2019

(these conditions are in addition to the usual booking conditions which can be downloaded from our website)

  • In order to enjoy this advantage, you must have been our guest at least 8 different seasons during the last 9 years
  • All booking forms received after 15th September will not be given preferential treatment
  • The privilege to book before the oficial start of next year’s booking period exclusively belongs to the recipient of this booking form. Under no circumstances whatsoever can this right be transferred to children, relatives or friends
  • In case there is more than one customer asking for the same pitch during the same holiday period, preference will be given to the customer who most often has occupied the desired pitch
  • The enclosed booking form is the only valid document that will be accepted for an early booking. Improperly completed booking forms with no exact date of arrival and departure will not be processed
  • The booking form is no guarantee for obtaining the requested pitch. We therefore recommend to mention several options
  • Early booking confirmations will be sent from  15/09
  • Camping Las Dunas reserves the right to make amendments to your booking at any time if necessary.

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