Camping Las Dunas

Newsletter april 2021

The long and sunny days of spring are here. The air is filled with the cheerful sound of chirping birds and the leaves on the trees color the landscape green. Doesn’t that make you feel like camping, sun, beach and BBQ? It’s not long now until we open and we are busy with all the preparations to welcome you soon.

Last year we opened with responsibility and this year we will do so again. Las Dunas offers a spacious resort in the open air where you can celebrate a worry free and secure summer holiday. Come and enjoy the first class facilities and the beautiful beach of Las Dunas.

Laladu the turtle

Have you already met our mascotte Laladu? He is the most famous turtle on Camping las Dunas and a friend of all children. But do you know why Laladu is a turtle? That’s because Las Dunas lies in the Alt Empordà which is a key region in Spain for the protection and reintroduction of indiginous tortoises and turtles. The Empordà is the last stronghold of Herrmann’s Tortoise on the Iberian peninsula. It is also a habitat for the only two indiginous Spanish species of water turtles. In the turtle recuperation centre in Garriguella, at only half an hour from the campsite, these species are bred and reintroduced in the wild. So for this close relation between the Empordà and turtles, what better animal to represent Camping Las Dunas?

Earth day

Did you know that Earth Day is celebrated on April 22? It is a day to pay homage to our planet and create awareness about earth’s contamination caused by human activity.

Camping is per definition a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to spend your holidays and Camping Las Dunas is also dedicated to sustainability and the environment. We use electric vehicles, LED lights, solar panels and we recycle. Equally important, but less visible are the salt electrolysis of the pool, the geothermal installation and the photocatalytic walls of the toilet buildings. We don’t have to add chlorine to the pool, only salt. This is not only better for the environment, but also for your skin, eyes and clothes. The geothermal installation uses earth’s warmth to heat the shower water and all the recently renovated toilet buildings have patented photocatalytic cladding on the walls. These walls use sunlight to eliminate toxins like nitrogen oxides from the air. With these and other measures we try to contribute to a healthy and sustainable environment, just as you might expect from a campsite.

Buñuelos de cuaresma

Buñuelos de cuaresma (lent fritters) also known as brunyols de l’Empordà are a typical Catalan sweet pastry, traditionally eaten during Lent. Although easter has passed, there is still time to enjoy this lovely treat. Its origin lies in the Christian tradition to abstain from meat based food during the six week period between carnival and easter. It is believed that the buñuelos de cuaresma were eaten as a reward for this effort made and to sweeten the weeks of Lent. Here you can find a recipe to make them at home yourselves.