Camping Las Dunas

Newsletter Juni 2021

It’s summertime

June 21 is the official start of summer and we are ready to kick off the season on June 19. After last year’s positive experiences, under probably worse conditions than this year, we are positive that in collaboration with our guests we can create a safe place again where everybody can enjoy a well deserved and worry free summer holiday. We are therefore very much looking forward to your visit.

Sant Joan

One of the most important holidays in Spain is Sant Joan (Saint John’s eve in English), the birthday of Saint John the Baptist on June 24. Because this day coincides with the longest day of the year, Sant Joan is in effect the celebration of the start of summer. Traditionally, bonfires are lit and by jumping over them three times, happiness and prosperity are guaranteed for the coming year. In our region, the Empordà, the “flame of the Canigó” is led up the region’s highest mountain (Canigó, 2784 m) by foot to lit a huge bonfire on the top. Sant Joan is the start of summer and we are ready to start! We hope to welcome you soon.

De general tendency in Spain

Since mid April, cases in our region, as well as in the rest of Spain, have been gradually diminishing (approximately 15% per week even). The restrictions in Catalonia are slowly lifted and right now there is talk about no longer obligating the facemask in public open spaces from july. That is what the epidemiologist and head responsable of the Spanish health council recently revealed in a press conference.

Travelling to Spain under the current circumstances

Although the positive development is causing the EU to gradually restore free movement of people between the member states, currently the British government is being a bit more strict. If all goes as planned, the digital green certificate or “corona passport” will be introduced in the EU from July 1 and will allow people to travel freely again between member states without any obligatory quarantines. It certifies whether the pass holder has been vaccinated, has a negative test result or has overcome covid. We sincerely hope the application of the digital green certificate will be extended to the UK soon. More information about the digital green certificate can be found on the EU website.

Anti-Covid measures on the campsite

Same as in 2020, all guests with a booking can do their check in online in advance, so we can minimize queues at the reception. The use of the hand gel dispensers we installed at all entrances last year, is compulsory again this year. Face masks must be worn in all interior spaces like the supermarket and the shops. The use of facemasks in the open air is NOT compulsory in the pool or on the beach, nor is it when eating or drinking in bars and restaurants or on your own pitch or bungalow terrace. The Spanish government is currently studying the possibility to end the compulsory use of facemasks in open public spaces in July if the situation keeps developing positively. More information on how the various sections of the campsite are affected by the safety regulations can be found on our website.