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Newsletter october 2021

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Protections of the dunes

Since 2018 the local authorities, the Aiguamolls de l’Empordà nature reserve and environmental organisations are working on the recovery and improvement of the dune landscape of the coast of Sant Pere Pescador. Work consists of cleaning activities and access control, but most of all protecting the plants that reduce dune erosion or even help the dunes grow. The protection of this unique landscape and the recreational use of the beach are perfectly compatible, since the beach of Camping Las Dunas is large enough to allow for the sunbathers to enjoy the weather and for the dunes to prosper and protect us against the wind and the sea.

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We have started work on updating our website. We hope to improve its functioning and accelerate response times. But we also want to improve the user experience with relevant and attractive content. And who would be the better judge of that than you, our user? Therefore we would like to ask you to share your ideas and suggestions. Please don’t hesitate, anything might help to create an attractive and useful website

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