Camping Las Dunas

Coronavirus – update 16/04/2020

Following the latest modifications in the directives from the Spanish government, after two weeks of teleworking, we will resume essential activities in our offices.

Since it is still impossible to make any reliable prediction about the evolution of the pandemic and there is no official calendar regarding mobility restrictions, in Las Dunas we abide by the dates initially programmed for the season.

At the same time we will keep close track of how things evolve, which government directives may affect us and which possible scenarios we have to prepare for, so we can inform you about any developments that may affect your holiday on Las Dunas ASAP.

Like everyone else, we hope the situation will normalise soon, so we can all enjoy our families, friends, routines, freedom,…and of course, our well deserved holidays again. We wish all of you courage and good health!


For those who have booked:

If you contemplate cancelling your booking, we recommend that you wait for now: If for the period of your holidays, Las Dunas or the region were declared area of risk by the competent authorities, or the confinement is still enforced, you can cancel without any costs.

Since at the moment it is absolutely impossible to predict how the situation will be in summer, any cancellation requests we receive now, will be processed in the usual way, according to the conditions specified in your pre-booking. That means that the cancellation fee now is exactly the same as up to two weeks before the planned arrival date. We have reduced this deadline for bungalows from four to two weeks as well.

So if, in the worst case scenario, the situation in summer makes it impossible to spend your holidays on Las Dunas, the cancellation will cost you nothing. However, if, as we all hope, the situation has improved, you can celebrate your holidays as planned.

If you decide you don’t want to travel to Las Dunas this summer, even though there are no official restrictions that make it impossible, we offer the possibility to transfer the payments you made for 2020 to a booking for 2021, without any additional costs, up to two weeks prior to the planned arrival date.


If you wish to book: 

You can still send your booking requests or ask for a free quote through our website.