Camping Las Dunas

Cancellation conditions coronavirus

If you have to cancel your holiday on Camping Las Dunas for reasons of force majeure related to the Covid-19 pandemic, you can do so until one day prior to arrival and you will receive a complete refund, except for a small 25 Euro administration fee.

Camping Las Dunas considers any of the following scenarios force majeure:

  1. Borders are closed or mobility restrictions decreed by the competent authorities in your country of residence, the country of your destination or a country you inevitably have to travel through.
  2. The obligation to present a negative PCR test or maintain quarantine to travel to the country of your destination, through a country you inevitably have to travel through, or when returning to your country of residence.
  3. One of the people in your party is Covid-19 positive, or has to maintain quarantine for having been in contact with a person who is Covid-19 positive. Both scenarios have to be accredited with an official (medical) declaration


Any other measures decreed by the local authorities to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, like the obligation to wear a face mask, capacity restrictions in bars or restaurants or the prohibition to organise certain activities, are not considered force majeure.

Restriction validity

Since the Covid-19 pandemic has caused authorities to constantly modify restrictions, often on short notice, to “qualify” for these relaxed cancellation conditions related to the Covid-19 pandemic, the restrictions causing a scenario of force majeure have to be in force the last seven days prior to your arrival. In the regular booking conditions for 2021 Camping Las Dunas includes a cancellation deadline of four weeks for bungalows and two weeks for camping pitches. If, at the moment of reaching that deadline, restrictions are in force that cause a scenario of force majeure related to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is automatically reduced to one day prior to arrival. Thereby permitting to wait and see if measures remain in force without the risk of losing the entire down payment. Would restrictions be lifted and no longer in force during the last seven days prior to arrival, you will receive the regular refund initially agreed in your booking. So you will never lose the entire down payment in these cases.

Holiday interruptions

If you have to interrupt your holiday with reasonable notice to avoid any of these scenarios of force majeure related to the Covid-19 pandemic, we will refund the overnights you contracted and cannot use. (To determine overnights, we consider a day to start and finish at noon, not at midnight).

Camping closed

If Camping Las Dunas cannot open for the period you booked, your booking is automatically cancelled and any payment refunded without any fee. If the campsite has to close during your holiday, you will only be charged until your day of departure.

Travel insurance

We strongly recommend all our guests to contract travel insurance to cover any scenarios not considered force majeure.


In any of the described scenarios of force majeure, you have the possibility to transfer your payment to a 2022 booking without any fee. In this case your new booking request has to be submitted in autumn and booking conditions for 2022 accepted.