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In our more than 50 years of experience we have seen first hand how tourism on the Costa Brava evolved over the years. A constant factor has always been the importance of a holiday to each individual. The holidays are the time of the year to disconnect from daily routines, forge new friendships and create everlasting memories.  Our mission is to provide positive experiences, full of joy and pleasure. Through continuous improvements of our facilities we try to create an environment in which our guests feel safe and happy. Client service is our vocation and through continuous improvements in workflows we intend to make the client’s life a little easier. And alway with an eye for details, we take care of our guests’ best relaxing days of the year.

Over 50 years of history

Camping Las Dunas opened its doors for the first time in 1968. These were the sixties, the first years of tourism on the Costa Brava. Family Suñé recognised the potential and acquired the Mas de la Devesa, a typical Catalan farmhouse with the 6 hectares of surrounding terrain. This terrain was located in a wetland area between the towns of l’Escala and Sant Pere Pescador. It did not seem to be the ideal location, but its location on the beach and the vision of the future of the Suñé family resulted in a holiday complex of 6 hectares called Camping Las Dunas. In this first version of Camping Las Dunas the reception and a small bar were located inside the Mas de la Devesa

In the eye of future growth, Las Dunas started to expand in 1975. The reception was built at the new entrance, as well as a supermarket, a new bar and a second sanitary building. The surface was increased to 12 hectares. In the eighties the big campsites of the Costa Brava started to convert to real holiday resorts. On Camping Las Dunas the first swimming pool was built, as well as the first minigolf course, tennis courts and the nightclub Fata Morgana.

Over the last decade Camping Las Dunas has made big improvements to its facilities. Today we offer a 5 star family resort that meets the expectations of the modern camper. In 2013 the new minigolf course was built which resembles a real miniature golf course. In 2014 the new bar was built, including the terrace with a sail like roof that rests on only one pillar, a real architectural highlight. In 2015 the water park with spa elements and water slides opened for the first time. The most recent renovation of the sanitary facilities started with block nr. 2 in 2017, followed by block nr. 1 in 2019 and nr.4 in 2020. These facilities have a very special design made with injected concrete and mosaics aimed to marvel our youngest campers. 

The decade of the twenties might not have started as we wished, but that has only reinforced our mission to provide positive experiences, full of joy and pleasure, now more than ever.