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Camping with waterpark

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Swimming pool with waterslides Aquapark

Las Dunas is a camping with waterpark in Spain

The Las Dunas Aquapark with waterslides is the favourite place to play for children

and the best place for a refreshing swim in the warm Mediterranean afternoon.

Waterpark with waterslides

The Las Dunas Aquapark is the waterpark with waterslides on Camping Las Dunas. This is the favourite place on the campsite for children. Here they can play all day with their friends and get that unforgettable holiday feeling.

After a day playing on the five waterslides, the bubblebath and the “river” with waterjets, no one can erase the smile from your children’s face.

Little children can play in the toddler’s pool, even those who cannot swim yet. The toddler’s pool is shallow, only 40 cm at its deepest. In the middle of the pool there’s a tower with four little slides and a giant bucket that tips over and drops water when full.

Around the pools there is a large sun terrace with deckchairs. Enjoy 5000m2 of water and fun in the Las Dunas Aquapark.


The team of lifeguards looks after the safety and hygiene in the water park and on the water slides. Some rules and regulations have been implemented to make the pool a safe and clean place for everybody to enjoy.   

Salt water pool

The water in the Las Dunas Aquapark is disinfected through a process of salt electrolysis.

This significantly reduces the chlorine content and increases the quality of the water. No chemical products are added, only normal table salt. The Chlorine and Sodium molecules are separated through the electrolysis. This sustains a constant dosing of chlorine in small quantities and an effective disinfection of the water. The pool does not taste of sea water since the salt concentration is less than 10% of that of seawater. 

The main advantages of saltwater vs chlorine is it causes no eye irritation, doesn’t damage your hair and clothes and is much better for your skin. 

Another big advantage is that this filtering process does not have a negative impact on the environment. At the end of the cycle, the only residue is salt and no chemicals are added.

  • Camping Las Dunas has an “amphibious” wheelchair which people with reduced mobility may use to access the pool. The chair has large air tyres and a lightweight aluminium structure.  With this wheelchair a companion can take the disabled person into the pool by the access ramp. To use the wheelchair, just ask a lifeguard, it is free of charge. Beware that the person sitting in the wheelchair cannot move it and the assistance of a companion is required.

  • The toddler’s pool has a maximum depth of 40 cm

    The depth of the main pool is between 0 cm at the entrance ramp and 130 cm at the water slide exits.

  • The Aquapark is open all season and the use is free of charge. The entrance is not allowed to people from outside the campsite.

  • There are three slides in the children’s pool, exclusively for little children. Access is prohibited for adults.

    The access to the main water slides is from a tower with two platforms. On the first platform you can access the broad family slide, where anyone can go down, including little children if accompanied by an adult. From the same platform two more slides can be accessed, restricted to people taller than 110 cm. The two big slides are accessed from the high platform and restricted to people taller than 120 cm. All users need to be able to swim. Accessing the water slides with floating aids is strictly prohibited.

    Always follow the instructions of the lifeguards; they work for the safety of all users.

  • The access to the Aquapark is free for all camping guests. Access is prohibited to people from outside the campsite.