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  • Camping Las Dunas is directly connected with the beach. There are no obstacles like tracks or roads in between. Only a low row of dunes lies between the front row pitches and the beach. The campsite has six direct accesses to the beach.

  • A small row of low dunes lies between the campsite and the beach. These dunes protect the camping from the beach sand when the wind blows. Obviously, they also block the view of the sea from the pitches and bungalows. When accessing the beach, the view of the Mediterranean reveals itself.

  • The extensive sandy beach in front of Camping Las Dunas is a true paradise for children. The gentle gradient and shallow water allows for easy access to the sea, even for children. Just in front of the campsite stands the tower of the lifeguards who keep a close eye on them.

  • Camping Las Dunas has its own surf school, named FaseWind. The school offers windsurf, kitesurf and SUP lessons from the beach. There is also a beach bar in front of the campsite with live music on some evenings.

  • Las Dunas is a dog friendly campsite and your pets are more than welcome as long as you stay in your own caravan or motorhome within the designated areas. You can walk your dog on the lead over the entire campsite and in the immediate surrounding of the campsite you will find many tracks for longer hikes. Like all beaches in Spain, the beach of las dunas is a public beach and is not property of Camping Las Dunas. Therefore, the town of Sant Pere Pescador is the competent authority and decides about access restrictions to the beach. According to the current municipal regulations, dogs are not allowed on the beach. Since a few years ago, there is a small dog beach in l’Escala.

  • Las Dunas es un camping verde. Las parcelas tienen firme de césped y separaciones por setos vegetales. Prácticamente todas las parcelas (salvo una pequeña esquina de la zona F) tienen un árbol en cada esquina. En las zonas más próximas a la playa son palmeras ¡hay más de 1000 en el camping! En las otras zonas hay árboles caducifolios de varios tamaños. Al lado de los caminos principales y en las diferentes zonas de los bungalows hay jardineros con hierbas aromáticas y flores. Porque muchos árboles aún son un poco pequeños para dar mucha sombra, no todas las parcelas tienen sombra todo el día. Las zonas con árboles más grandes son la zona H y las calles 5 y 6 de la zona B. Camping Las Dunas no puede garantizar sombra.

  • The maximum number of people per pitch is six. If you want to come to Las Dunas with a party larger than six, you will need more than one pitch.

  • On your arrival day your pitch will be available from 2 PM

    On your day of departure your pitch must be cleared before noon

  • One vehicle is allowed per pitch and is included in the price. It must be parked on the pitch. Camping Las Dunas makes one exception: If you leave your motorhome on the pitch for the duration of your stay and do not leave the campsite with it until your day of departure, a second car is allowed with extra costs. Under all other circumstances, if you want to access the campsite with an additional vehicle, the current daily tariff must be paid and the car must be parked on the general parking lot next to the sports area.

  • You can use your own barbecue on the pitch. There are no public barbecue areas and Las Dunas does not have barbecues for rent, in the supermarket small disposable barbecues can be acquired. It is strictly prohibited to make open fires, only the use of portable barbecues is allowed. Always keep a bucket of water at hand and be 100% sure the embers are cold before disposing of them in the trash containers.

  • All PREMIUM pitches have their own LAN connector for a router on the pitch. The router can be obtained at the reception, leaving a deposit. To use the internet on the pitch, a daily price is applied that gives unlimited usage. Outside the premium areas, Las Dunas offers wifi through antenas. This network cannot offer the same speed and bandwidth as the fibre optic connections on the pitches in premium areas, but allows basic navigating. Usage has a time limit and credit has to be bought at reception to connect.

  • All the pitches in the categories PREMIUM and COMFORT PLUS have a water hose connection for your caravan or motorhome. You need a garden hose connector to use it. For the grey water drainage, just unscrew the cap on the hole in the ground and introduce the corrugated drain hose of your caravan or motorhome.

  • In the Las Dunas supermarket we offer CampinGaz products, including model 901 and model 907 gas bottles. Other accessories like connectors and hoses are also available. When you hand in your empty gas bottle, you take a full one and pay only for the fill of gas. Beware that Spanish gas bottles are not compatible with European or UK systems, since they use different connections. So make sure to bring plenty from home or use CampinGaz.

  • Do you suffer from a lack of space for your trip? Then use the different rental services Camping Las Dunas offers:

    • Fridges: Rent one at the reception and it is delivered directly to your pitch by our partners.
    • Cars: Order at the reception and your car will be delivered to the campsite the next day.
    • Bicycles: Rental at the minigolf bar or the reception. E-bikes available on demand. 
    • Surf material: Our water sports centre FaseWind offers rental material. 

    And if you are missing some camping equipment, take a look in our souvenir shop or in the supermarket, they will probably have it available.

  • The minimum duration for a bungalow booking is two nights. There are no fixed arrival and departure days, so you can choose your arrival and departure freely, obviously depending on availability.

  • On your day of arrival, the bungalow is available from 5 PM

    On your day of departure, the bungalow must be cleared before 10 AM

  • Every bungalow has its own designated parking for one vehicle. This vehicle is included in the price of the bungalow. To access an additional vehicle, the current daily tariff must be paid and the car parked in the general parking next to the sports area.

  • The maximum capacity of the TWIN bungalows is four people and for the PONENT bungalows six.

  • Camping Las Dunas offers for a small price babybeds, high chairs and baby bathtubs for rent. You can pre-order these in your booking request, or rent them at the campsite’s laundry.

  • You can use your own barbecue in the garden in front of the bungalow or on the bungalow’s terrace. There are no public barbecue areas and Las Dunas does not have barbecues for rent, in the supermarket small disposable barbecues can be acquired. It is strictly prohibited to make open fires, only the use of portable barbecues is allowed. Always keep a bucket of water at hand and be 100% the embers are cold before disposing of them in the trash containers.

  • The best tariffs are in low season, especially when booking a bungalow for a week or more since Las Dunas discounts free overnights (7=6 | 14=10 | 21=14).

    The different services on the campsite are offered according to the campsite’s occupation. All main facilities, like the supermarket, the restaurant and the swimming pool are open all season. Some others, like live performances and activities for teenagers, are offered less frequently in the low season.

  • Apart from the five I-PONENT bungalows, all bungalows have their own wifi router and unlimited navigating is included in the price. The I-PONENT bungalows do not have wifi.

  • The bungalows do not have TV. With your own computer or laptop you can watch online content over the internet. Camping Las Dunas recommends bringing a laptop or tablet if you wish to watch contents online.

  • The Laladu miniclub opens the same day the first child sets foot on the campsite. Usually that is on the opening date in May. In other words, Las Dunas offers child entertainment during the whole season, also in the low season. Other activities and services like the XD club for teenagers, the live performances at night time and sport competitions, are offered according to the occupation of the campsite. That means they are offered less frequently in the low season.

  • The prices of the courses are published on the FaseWind website (

  • Next to the surf shop in area B there is a large storage where you can wash and hang your sails. For your board there is a board rack available.

  • On Camping Las Dunas you can play football, basketball, beach volleyball and tennis. There is an open air gym and you can rent bicycles.

  • Los clientes de Camping Las Dunas pueden usar campos de deporte gratis. El uso de las pistas de tenis se paga por hora y el minigolf por partido.

  • Camping Las Dunas offers rentals and courses in windsurf, kitesurf and stand up paddle surf in the campsite’s watersports centre FaseWind.

  • Camping Las Dunas has an “amphibious” wheelchair which people with reduced mobility may use to access the pool. The chair has large air tyres and a lightweight aluminium structure.  With this wheelchair a companion can take the disabled person into the pool by the access ramp. To use the wheelchair, just ask a lifeguard, it is free of charge. Beware that the person sitting in the wheelchair cannot move it and the assistance of a companion is required.

  • The toddler’s pool has a maximum depth of 40 cm

    The depth of the main pool is between 0 cm at the entrance ramp and 130 cm at the water slide exits.

  • The Aquapark is open all season and the use is free of charge. The entrance is not allowed to people from outside the campsite.

  • There are three slides in the children’s pool, exclusively for little children. Access is prohibited for adults.

    The access to the main water slides is from a tower with two platforms. On the first platform you can access the broad family slide, where anyone can go down, including little children if accompanied by an adult. From the same platform two more slides can be accessed, restricted to people taller than 110 cm. The two big slides are accessed from the high platform and restricted to people taller than 120 cm. All users need to be able to swim. Accessing the water slides with floating aids is strictly prohibited.

    Always follow the instructions of the lifeguards; they work for the safety of all users.

  • The access to the Aquapark is free for all camping guests. Access is prohibited to people from outside the campsite.