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Once upon a time on a campsite in Spain

Josep Suñé Sabadí, ‘in memoriam’ (1940 – 2022)

Frederic Suñé Artigas, owner of a modest fishing fleet, entrepreneur and visionary, acquired in the fifties what was then considered a virtually worthless terrain between the villages of l’Escala and Sant pere Pescador to start a bold project: the construction of a campsite.

In 1968 Camping Las Dunas opened its doors and from the very start Josep Suñé, the fisherman’s son, took the reins. Year upon year the place was brought to life to become what can now be considered a perfect representation of an economically and ecologically sustainable project. Offering the means to spend the summer holidays in the open air, in harmony with nature, without buildings harming the environment, in freedom and human company.

This initially risky undertaking developed into the first prestigious campsite of Europe. A business where in those days 25 people worked, now offers 350 direct and over 600 indirect jobs. The project brought welfare and progress to the region, because one campsite attracted others which in turn offered more employment to the people. Many celebrities have passed through the campsite, like Michel Jacobs, Johan Cruijff, Dr. Speckmann and the former British Prime Minister John Major. But more importantly, children who now spend their summer holidays here with their own children and grandchildren and pass on their love for the region, its customs and its breathtaking natural beauty to the next generations.

Josep Suñé has formed part of the lives of all these families. He was a typical Empordanese man from the region, shaped by the tramuntana. He was a stubborn, but good man with a great heart. Josep was generous and supported many people and entities. He was always there for people who needed his help and was a well respected personality in l’Escala and Sant Pere Pescador where he spent the last years of his life.

Josep, many mourn your loss and you will be dearly missed. But wherever you are now, you will find a life in the likeliness of your campsite; surrounded by people, with respect for nature and human beings. Here you have left a modern tourist resort for your children, Fede and Roser and your grandchildren Marc and Júlia. Las Dunas will live on to celebrate its 100th anniversary under their leadership, with mastery, fortitude and humanity, just like you. Rest in peace Josep.